Introducing…. A New Grassroots Look Online


Well, it’s done. We made it. We’re retiring Ol’ Faithful and entering a new day. Grassroots’ first website has been around since February of 2009 and, in that that time, has served us well. But it’s time to say goodbye to her and catch up with the technology of the web.

Here’s a few new features that this site you happen to be on should be able to do:


In the past we posted events on our Facebook page, which worked alright. Unfortunately, though, those in our community without Facebook were often out of luck. No longer! Now you can check our church calendar and even subscribe to our events in your own personal calendar (Google or Outlook)! Now we just need to ensure we update this thing regularly 😉


Our teachings are a big part of Grassroots. As such, we want to make it as accessible as possible. You can now search for teachings by topic, series, speaker, you name it. We’re hoping this will allow more access to the great teachings taking place in our community.


Our library is amazing. Unfortunately, it’s highly under-utilized. We’re hoping to change that with an up-to-date (fingers crossed!) database of books and resources available online.


There’s more, but we don’t want to overwhelm you! Just go and explore the site and let us know about any errors, misspellings, grammar, etc. And if you like it, let us know! Find us on Facebook (page, group), Twitter, Instagram or drop an email to!

– Steve