Grassroots’ Pastoral Candidate: Keith Jagger

Last night, the Pastoral Search Team (PST) had the opportunity to present Grassroots with our top candidate for the pastoral search process: Keith Jagger. The PST and Lead Team have felt consensus that Keith fits the role outlined in our job description. Through a lot of prayer, conversation and consideration, we sense God’s leading in the direction of this candidate. Last night, the PST and Steve Bill were able to share a lot of reasons why we are excited about this candidate. Keith comes very well qualified, having been mentored by Dr. Ben Witherington and N.T. Wright, and achieving a PhD in biblical studies. He has experience in packaging the scriptures into a form that is relevant for churches. His work in teaching, mentoring, discipling and providing spiritual direction for different groups of people is impressive. We feel that Keith is a natural fit to our community.

We have invited Keith to visit Thunder Bay, and he will be coming with his family during the Easter weekend to get to know Grassroots Church and our city. We are looking forward to the meeting and feel that it will be a very important part of our pastoral search process (a final decision will be made after the visit).
Thank you to everyone for praying for the PST and the search process! It has been so encouraging to know that our community is with us as we hold this all up to God, and ask Him to lead us. God’s hand is moving, and our expectations have been completely exceeded. Please continue to pray with us!

Provide Input

There is still opportunity for your input. We invite you to share your questions, comments, or concerns with any member of the PST:

Keith Baxter (
Brad Doff (
Claire Riddell (
Jennifer McKay
Tim Brown
Lisa Stamler

Call us. Email us. Corner us. We want to hear from you! Also, we will be having a final meeting for our church community on Sunday, April 3rd before the decision is made, so mark your calendars.

Curious to Meet Keith?

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One thought on “Grassroots’ Pastoral Candidate: Keith Jagger

  1. I have read and listened to several of Keith’s blogs. Must say I am impressed!
    Wish I was there to see and hear him in person. God is surely guiding you.

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