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TitleScience, Faith, And Ethics: GRID OR GRIDLOCKAuthorAlexander, Donald L.PublishedHendrickson 2006
Status:Check Shelves SubjectScience, EthicsMediaPaperback,BookISBN1598560182TypeLoanDescription
Cloning, the environment, stem cell research, cutting-edge reproductive technologies, genetic engineering . . . Splashed across television screens and newspapers and argued in classrooms and over the water cooler, these are among the most hotly-debated issues of our day. Does religion belong in the laboratory? What relationship exists between science and Christian faith? Are the two mutually exclusive? Arguing that Christianity has much to contribute to the scientific and ethical debates facing today’s world, gifted scientists and committed Christians Alexander and White ask the hard questions as they examine some of the greatest scientific and ethical challenges of the age.