Roots & Shoots


During the message portion of the morning, children in JK/SK and Grades 1-3 are invited to join the Roots & Shoots classes for some special children’s worship time. During this time, there is an emphasis on worshiping God together and drawing near so we might experience Him more fully. The dedicated teachers and helpers work with the children at their own level and provide age-appropriate activities designed to help them spend time worshiping and being creative in God’s presence.

As the children enter the classrooms, they are welcomed into a community. The class will open with prayer and a game or song. Then the leader will present a short lesson on God’s Truth. This is a mini-sermon intended to stick with the kids, and they are invited to participate and ask questions. After that we share a feast together (rice crackers, raisins, and water). The children fellowship with their friends and celebrate being together as they eat at the tables. After they eat we move into the Creative Response time. This is a time for personal response rather than free play. The atmosphere is kept quiet as the children are given opportunities to respond to God through different creative activities. The activities are age-appropriate and intended to foster the children’s abilities to be at peace before the Lord and express their personal responses. The classes will end with a blessing after the children have cleaned up.

In the Roots & Shoots classrooms, we see worship as more than just singing songs… we can celebrate God through the very act of getting together and encountering God’s presence with gratefulness and praise!


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