So you want to volunteer at Grassroots. Awesome.

If you are new to our community, we encourage you to spend 6 months getting to know people, building connections in the community, and really getting a grasp of the mission and vision that we’re striving for. Once you’ve been a part of Grassroots for 6 months, fill in the Ministry Application Form and then wait for further instructions from our Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Denis, on what the next steps are.

We believe that volunteering is one of the best ways for you to get connected and involved with the Grassroots community. Below are some opportunities that might be perfect for you. Keep in mind that the requirement/frequency for each position varies depending on the number of volunteers available.



  • Greeter/Usher
    • Welcoming new people and creating an inviting atmosphere


  • Hospitality – Refreshment Preparation
    • Help create the welcoming atmosphere at Grassroots by preparing refreshments on Sunday mornings


  • Hospitality – Refreshment Clean-up
    • The not-so-glorious-but-still-so-necessary job of washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen to prepare for the following week


  • Hospitality – Church Laundry
    • Washing items that are used during the service (table cloths, dish rags, etc.)


  • Sound Technician
    • Managing sound levels and technology for music and the message


  • Musician
    • Playing an instrument/singing during Sunday mornings
    • Practice is usually Wednesday evening and early Sunday morning


  • Children’s Ministry – Child Check-In/Hallway Monitor
    • Providing a system to ensure the safety of the children in Grassroots Children’s Programs
    • Ensuring that the Children’s Ministry is a safe place while also facilitating the needs of children and parents


  • ProPresenter Technician
    • Managing the slides during music and message to enable everyone to follow along easily
    • Recording the message to be posted on the Grassroots website


  • Children’s Ministry – Child Care
    • Providing a fun and friendly atmosphere for children aged 5 and under during the Message