Heather Denis

Administration Coordinator
Department: Staff

If you could catch her, Heather would tell you she loves to be busy and to pour her heart and soul into the Grassroots Church community.  At any given moment you might find her signing children in at the child check-in table, snuggling a baby in the nursery or wrangling some 5 year-olds in a Sunday School class.  At some point you’ll see her singing her heart out on the worship team and occasionally attempting the great feat of shaking a tambourine at the same time (without great success, truth be told).  She is also responsible for the Right to Refuge group which was created to organize and support the resettlement of refugees in the Thunder Bay community.  In addition, she is responsible for the processing of new volunteers without whom Grassroots Church would be a tangled mess of broken dreams and good intentions 😉

Also, she’s married to this guy.