Keith Jagger

Lead & Teaching Pastor
Department: Lead Team, Staff

As Lead and Teaching Pastor of Grassroots church, I have the privileged perspective of seeing God’s handiwork in one of the most sterling communities of faith that I know.  Seriously, these people are the future of Christianity in the West.

My passions centre around music, creation, Scripture, spirituality, scholarship, compassion, and mentoring. Day to day, I love seeing the gentle process of God shaping people into images of His love. I love getting out in the fresh air (now the pine-fresh air in Thunder Bay). I love gathering small communities of people around God’s word in inspirational conversation. I love getting my hands dirty in shared mission with other people. I love it when mercy and justice kiss. I love telling the story of Christ. I love great folk music. I love being a pastor to Grassrooters. And I love being a father and husband to the little family God has given me.