Jesus in His World: Part 4 – The Lord of the Storm
October 1, 2017

Jesus in His World: Part 4 – The Lord of the Storm

Passage: Matthew 8.23-27
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Pastor Keith continues to help us get oriented to Jesus, to him as he was, in his first-century context.  So far, we've read about Jesus, the boy in Nazareth, in love with the Passover, His God, the Jewish scriptures.  We've seen him amaze wise scholars as a 12 year old and infuriate his townspeople as an adult with with same penetrating love for the Old Testament.  We've seen him stake a platform on the healing of the oppressors as a way to freedom.  We've seen him riding in as Israel's king at his final earthly passover.

This week, Pastor Keith explores a little more of this world. He talks about the Roman empire and that Jesus's claim to kingship stood in conflict with Caesar's claim to be the Son of God.  And we see Jesus acting as if he is in charge.