Life Together – Part 4: A Relational Atmosphere
July 17, 2016

Life Together – Part 4: A Relational Atmosphere

Passage: Acts 10:1-11:18
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In the fourth of eleven sermons on community, Keith continues to illustrate how Christian community can either suck the life out of you or provide you with a deep sense of meaning for life. This message introduces the second of two idols that sucks the life out of community: exclusivity. When God finds it alive and well in the earliest Christian community, he intervenes. Illustrating the difference between human intimacy and Godly intimacy, Keith explores the vision given to Peter, in which God opens Peter’s eyes to the inclusion of the gentiles…to those who fear God and do what is right. Christian community adds meaning to your life when the community offers spaces for intimacy for whomever wants to seek it.