Moses III (Faith In God): Spies To Canaan
February 12, 2017

Moses III (Faith In God): Spies To Canaan

Passage: Numbers 13-14:45
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In the fourth installment in this series on the nature of faith and the Exodus Generation, we find Israel at their most crucial test. After a year at Mt. Sinai, they have created a civilization ready to be planted in the fruitful Promised Land. And yet, they carry with them that which is the direct opposite of faith: unbelief.  Doubt is our unwillingness to belief unless we see. Unbelief is our unwillingness to believe even though we see. Though God promised to drive out the people already living in the Promised Land wit His own strength and power, the people slander their inheritance, overblow their fears, minimize their God-protected strength, slip deep into fatalism, and gather against God and His leaders. In response to their their deeply-seeded unbelief, God bars his people, those 20 years and older, from the Promised Land.