Moses III (Faith In God): The Golden Calf
January 29, 2017

Moses III (Faith In God): The Golden Calf

Passage: Exodus 32-33:7
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In the second of five sermons on the nature of faith and the story of the Exodus Generation, we explore the adulterous bent in all humans. We struggle to find a home in which we can achieve a rooted peace. Remembering Israel’s calling to be a kingdom of priests, we see how quickly she slipped into idolatrous revelry. These people were former slaves. They were used to the predictability of an Egyptian tyrant. They could not remain calm in the care of an unpredictable but loving God. As Moses’s prayer changes God’s mind about the fate of God’s people, Moses shows us what true faith(fullness) looks like, “Alas this people has sinned…forgive their sin…but if not, blot me out of the book you have written” (Exodus 32.32). Our prayer life should follow suit as we come to God while praying life into the broken people we encounter.