Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 7:12-13 | Speaker: Joel Symonds | Series: Mo'Vangelism How do we maintain momentum in our evangelistic efforts? In other words, how do we keep the excitement about the Good News and not let it become "old news"? 3 things that kill our momentum are looked at in depth.

Bible Text: Acts 8:6-40 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Mo'Vangelism No two evangelistic moments are the same. But there are certain signs we can all be looking for when we have conversations. Through one of the quintessential stories of evangelism in the New Testament, Philip and the Eunuch, we look at how to discern moments to share our faith.

Bible Text: Romans 1:16 | Speaker: Dan Wiebe | Series: Mo'Vangelism How do we model evangelism in our life? Dan Wiebe walks us through a number of ways that Christians should model Christ to the world.

Bible Text: Isaiah 61 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Mo'Vangelism How can we be motivated to share the good news of Jesus with the world around us? The question is addressed by first looking at those reasons that demotivate us from sharing our faith.