Advent 2015: Love

December 20, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 2:4-7 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Advent 2015 The birth story of Jesus is unique in many ways. It defies what our expectations are of how our God or King should enter our world. However, if you stand back, you see that it is nothing short of beautiful - and an incredible way for God's love to be shown to us. As we anticipate his coming this Christmas, may we be reminded of how his love is expressed through his birth story.

Advent 2015: Joy

December 13, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 2:8-14 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Advent 2015 Joy is supposed to be part of what defines a Christian, yet if we're honest, we often fail to exude it. One reason is because we have a misunderstanding of what God the Father is like. Part of the Good News of Christmas is that Jesus came to earth to reveal the Father to us. Through Jesus we learn God is full of joy and this joy is poured out for us to tap into. Our joy will be evident only to the degree in which we can trust this.

Advent 2015: Peace

December 6, 2015
Bible Text: Isaiah 9:2-8; James 3:17-18 | Speaker: Scott Wiebe | Series: Advent 2015 God calls all of us to be peacemakers in our everyday lives. If we are looking for wholeness and peace, and it seems still far off, let the Holy Spirit in to change us to act out Jesus' model! His Spirit will help us to be gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy and blessings!

Bible Text: Romans 13:8-10, 1John 3:16-18 | Speaker: Heather Denis, Matt Denis, Nathan Woods | Series: Advent 2015, Right To Refuge, Stand Alone Messages 2015 A presentation by the Right To Refuge organization about the Syrian refugee crisis - including background info about the civil war, how to help sponsor a Syrian family to come to Thunder Bay, and how God calls us to help and love others in need.