Bible Text: Genesis 38-50 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Storyline The difference between a hero and a villain is the perspective held toward our suffering. Heroes seek to redeem it - to find a way to prevent others from experiencing it. Villains find a way to seek revenge for it. Everyone has experienced pain of some form in life - but how we respond to it makes all the difference. As we explore the story of Joseph we see the ups and downs in his life and how he allowed them to prepare him to "save many lives."

Bible Text: Matthew 5:42-48; James 1:2-4 | Speaker: Steven Bill | Series: Storyline This first message of 2016 takes the elements of a story, gained through the Storyline Conference in late 2015, and applies it to our lives. If your life were a movie what would the back cover say? Who are you? What are you pursuing? What conflict can you anticipate? Who can help you through this? And are you willing to be changed along the way?