Bible Text: Isaiah 11:1-10 | Speaker: Scott Wiebe | Series: Vision Casting Scott Wiebe talks about how continual learning has been a staple of Grassroots Church throughout its history, and also how going forward, this can be used to bring God's love and justice to the world.

Bible Text: Isaiah 11 | Speaker: Keith Jagger | Series: Vision Casting In the first week of a four-part series on the future of Grassroots Church, Pastor Keith articulates some of the ways in which Grassroots is emerging into adulthood.  Growing from a house church and through its soul-searching teenage years, Grassroots has been prepared well to enter its identity-establishing young adult years.  With a focus on Isaiah 11 and the potential for Grassroots to aim itself against various expressions of hostility in Northern Ontario, Pastor Keith emphasizes Grassroots's passion for sharing radical and tender love.