The Voice of Creation: Two Voices
July 1, 2018

The Voice of Creation: Two Voices

Passage: Psalm 19
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This week, Pastor Keith launches a series on scripture’s view of creation.  Opening up Psalm 19, we learn that there are two voices (Torah and creation) testifying to God’s character and drawing us into the wider community of worship. The sun, the Psalmist––and later Jesus––tells us teaches us that God is strong, he is wise, he is joyful, he is abundantly merciful, he loves his enemies and blesses them despite their evil.  Therefore, while Christians should not worship creation, we also should not dominate it. We are to care for it. What’s more, if we are going to be deeply Christian people, we must come to revere the creation. See in it something sacred. And somehow to decrease our senses of pride-fulness and domineering tendencies.

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