Transforming Worship 3: Public Worship
June 17, 2018

Transforming Worship 3: Public Worship

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In this third of four sermons on worship Pastor Jenn Swift encourages us to take our private worship of God public.   We turn our affections to God in as we share love; we turn our hearts to God despite disappointments. And we learn to focus on Him and not constantly demand that He focus on us. With a story about singing a creation hymn loudly at a tourist waterfall destination, Pastor Jenn suggest that having a private life with God without a public life is like having a secret boyfriend or a friend you are ashamed of. We cannot simply take our current lives and squeeze Jesus in; if we want worship to be transformative, we must rebuild our life around God. If we do, then public worship will be as natural as going out in public with our closest friends and family.


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