Words in the Dark III: Part 9 – Confession
March 17, 2019

Words in the Dark III: Part 9 – Confession

Passage: Psalm 32
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In our final look at Jesus’s prayer as our basic pattern, we finish this part of our exploration of prayer with the healing of sin. Jesus tell us to ask God for forgiveness of our sins, just as we extend forgiveness to others. As a basic prayer of love, confession invites us to fear God properly AND feel the utmost safety in his Presence. Check out Psalm 32. How does David show us the way here? We should be troubled by our sins but not expose ourselves the withering of our souls when we try and hide our sins from God and others. Let’s prep for one final look at prayer before Pastor Keith brings it all up in next week’s final sermon on prayer, the psalms, and the presence of God.

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