Summer Retreat 2017 FAQs

Below are some of the questions we anticipate receiving about the 2017 Summer Retreat. Do you have a question not listed here? Drop Steven a note and let him know!

Grassroots leaders have chatted about having an annual event for a few years. There’s a desire among many in our church to have intentional space outdoors that we can share as a community. The idea of camp activities such as canoeing, swimming, fires and everything else that comes with the Thunder Bay camp experience just seems to make a lot of sense for Grassroots. Add to that some great teaching and we’ve got an all around solid weekend! We’re excited for what this retreat can do in strengthening our community moving forward and into the fall.

The retreat will be held at Camp Aurora on Warnica Lake, located on Howcum Lake Road, a short 33km drive from County Fair Plaza. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Take Dawson Road/Hwy 102 to Dog Lake Road
  2. Turn on Dog Lake Road and follow for 21 km
  3. Once you pass both West and East Surprise Lake, turn right on Howcum Lake Road
  4. Follow Howcum Lake Road for 3.5 km
  5. Turn right on Warnica Lake East (you’ll pass Warnica Lake West first)
  6. The first driveway on the right – you’ve arrived


You can expect to engage in the following activities: swimming, sauna-ing, canoeing, fishing (bring your own gear), crafts, campfire, field games, singing songs, learning/teaching and a bunch more!

Yes! …Sort of. This is the tentative program for the weekend but it is definitely subject to change as many of the variables are still being worked out. But this gives you an idea as to what we will be doing. We’ll update it as we confirm more details.

2017 Grassroots Summer Retreat Program

We have a nice kitchen at the facility that we can utilize for the weekend. A volunteer sign-up will be handed out prior to the weekend and everyone will be expected to do at least one or two shifts in the kitchen to help with food prep and dishes.

In terms of dining, the dining room can only hold 80 people. We may have to eat in shifts or some of us eat outside. We’ll figure this out once we have final numbers.

If you’d like to help out with food prep and figuring this out, please connect with Rhonda Bill and she’ll gladly enlist you!

There will be plenty! If you have a skill that you’d like to offer toward the weekend, please connect with Steven. Specifically, we’re looking for help with:

  • Teaching a laid-back workshop:
    • Fishing
    • Cooking over a fire
    • Tree climbing
    • Whittling
    • Canoeing
    • suggestions for something else?
  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Cleaning in the kitchen
  • Responsible to keep sauna going
  • Ensuring adult supervision at waterfront
  • Leading any of the activities listed here: 2017 Summer Retreat Program


Stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities as we think of them!

So this is a bit tricky because there are 6 cabins that can fit 57 people in total but each cabin has a different amount of beds:

  • Cabin 1 – no more than 12 occupants
  • Cabin 2 – no more than 7 occupants (3 in side A, 4 in side B)
  • Cabin 3 – no more than 16 occupants
  • Cabin 4 – no more than 10 occupants
  • Cabin 5 – no more than 9 occupants
  • Staff cabin – no more than 3 occupants

The challenge will be to combine groups so that we can comfortably fit everyone into the cabins that need a cabin. There is also the option of bringing a tent or small camper and setting up in the field. The space is quite limited here as well so we want to encourage as small of a living footprint as possible (i.e. use quite small tents if possible). We may have to tweak our accommodations set-up once we have the final numbers. Stay tuned!

That’s easy. Just fill out this form linked below. You can make your payment either on PayPal directly or bring it to Steven Bill (this is what Steve looks like) or Heather Denis (This is what Heather looks like) at church.


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