Service Times:

Summer Service Times:

  • No Adult Life Group and service begins @ 10:30am

Fall Service Times:

  • Adult Life Group @ 9:30am
    (Sunday School – Grade 8 and under
    Nursery – 0 to 2 yrs)
  • The Break @ 10:15am
  • The Music @ 10:30am
  • The Message @ 11:00am
    (Childcare under 8 provided)



Grassroots places a high value on learning together in community. As such, we start the morning with Adult Life Group – a time of interactive study and discussion together where we explore theological issues more in-depth and take time to ask some of the harder questions of our faith. During this time, children under 13 are invited to attend a Sunday School program designed to take them through the entire narrative of scripture. It’s pretty great actually.

Note: if you’d rather not attend Adult Life Group but still want to send your kids to Sunday School, you can feel free to hang around the lobby and chat with others or check out our library.

Following the Adult Life Group/Sunday School, we have the Break, an important part of the overall vibe of the “Grassroots experience.” The Break is a 15 minute “recess” where we can get refreshments and connect with one another before the main service begins.

The break ends and the music begins. For the next 20-25 minutes or so we gather together as a big “family” and celebrate the hope and the joy and the freedom that we have in Christ. It’s an awesome and integral time of connecting with God and with each other through music. Check out our Music section to learn more about the style and intent behind Grassroots’ music.

Finally, a message from the Bible is presented that is meant to both encourage and challenge each of us regardless of where we are in our faith journeys. The message closes with the communion service, a sacred time in which our community’s focus is turned toward the death, resurrection and future hope of our God and King, Jesus.

And that’s it, really. Come back next week for more!