What do accommodations look like?

So this is a bit tricky because there are 6 cabins that can fit 57 people in total but each cabin has a different amount of beds:

  • Cabin 1 – no more than 12 occupants
  • Cabin 2 – no more than 7 occupants (3 in side A, 4 in side B)
  • Cabin 3 – no more than 16 occupants
  • Cabin 4 – no more than 10 occupants
  • Cabin 5 – no more than 9 occupants
  • Staff cabin – no more than 3 occupants

The challenge will be to combine groups so that we can comfortably fit everyone into the cabins that need a cabin. There is also the option of bringing a tent or small camper and setting up in the field. The space is quite limited here as well so we want to encourage as small of a living footprint as possible (i.e. use quite small tents if possible). We may have to tweak our accommodations set-up once we have the final numbers. Stay tuned!