GR Faith at Home Resource. Monday, March 23, 2020

GR Faith at Home Resource. Monday, March 23, 2020


It can be a challenge to know how to incorporate faith into our children’s lives, especially when churches aren’t able to gather together.  Here are a few suggestions of simple things you can do together that can flow naturally with your homeschooling routine. I’m aware you may not have access to all the materials, especially the Easter craft, but if you do, I’m sure your family will enjoy it!

Prayer Sticks

It’s important for children to know they can pray anytime, anywhere, and this is one way to help them become more comfortable with prayer. 

Supplies: popsicle sticks, other craft sticks, strips of paper will do! 
                permanent markers or pens
                jar or other container

Discuss with your children who/what you can pray for and write them on the sticks. They can be specific things/names or keep it more open and write things like: something you are thankful for, a person who is ill, a friend you miss, etc and the person praying can choose who to pray for when they draw that stick. Put them in a jar (feel free to decorate it if you’d like) and place it somewhere handy.  Choose a time of day (or several times) when you gather together, for ex. mealtime, place the jar on the table and each draw a certain amount of sticks, then take turns praying for those needs.  

Empty Tomb Craft


This is a fun Craft to do during Lent in preparation for Easter.  If you make this now, the grass should be growing nicely by Easter.  Or you can wait until later and use moss instead as they suggest in the link provided.  I’m including a link for this one instead of giving all the details as we haven’t made ours yet and it’s helpful to have pictures.

Devotions with Older Kids

One thing we’ve incorporated into our new homeschooling venture is reading a Psalm together at the beginning of each day.  Each of us takes turns reading the verses and afterwards I ask them to choose a favourite verse or something that stood out to them (similar to Formation in Common in Home Groups). It’s become a special highlight of our day!  It creates an awareness that “I can relate to things in the Bible” and I’ve seen them reading more often through the day since we’ve begun this. I encourage you to try this if you aren’t already reading with them. It will encourage all of you!

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