Order of Service: Sunday, April 05, 2020

Order of Service

In this time of uncertainty, with so much financial stress, if you can give extra please do:

Click here to make your regular financial offering. 

You may also email our treasurer Phil at phil.w@grassroots.church to give to our love fund. Last year we were able to support families at grassroots with micro-gifts totalling over $6,000.

Stay tuned for more info about our service and care response to COVID-19.  

Here is the Bible project video for grades 5 & 6. 

Today is Palm Sunday and this video covers that and leads up through Jesus’ death.  Read over these questions before watching it,  watch it while paying close attention, then go over the questions again and see if you know the answers.

What prophesies were fulfilled?  Who were the main people who didn’t believe or accept Him?  
Jesus wept as he came near Jerusalem.  Why?  I wonder how we would’ve responded to Him if we were there.  As we learned of the Upside Down Kingdom last week, Jesus didn’t seem like the king most people were looking for.  

During the Passover meal, Jesus does something different when he talks of the bread and wine and passes it around.  What do they symbolize?  What does this mean for us, for YOU today? 
Jesus loved His enemies to the end, forgiving the thief crucified with him, and praying for God to forgive those executing Him.  Are there people we need to forgive today? Ask God to show you how and to give you courage to forgive.  It’s a gift we can give to others and brings us peace too. 
Jesus’  death was the ultimate sacrifice.  He gave up His life so each of us can have life forever.  How does knowing that make a difference in how we live each day?  Through this next week, try to take extra time to ponder this and  thank Him for the life He’s given.

Our good Friday Service will start at 8:42pm (twilight) this Friday, April 10, 2020. 

This is a virtual meeting, and will not be at church. 

You can sign into the Zoom call at 8:30 (see login details below), and you might want to do two things in preparation:

1. Enjoy an optional seder meal at home or with your family. See some instructions here.

2. Get a small amount of food and drink (ideally bread and juice) ready to take with the whole community during the good Friday service. 

Topic: Good Friday 2020

Time: Apr 10, 2020 08:30 PM America/Thunder_Bay

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 506 354 323

Password: 015646.

  1. YOUTH GROUP: If you want to jump in for ZOOM youth group on Monday nights, email our Youth Group Leader Isaac Veurink at isaac.v@grassroots.church.
  2. WED PRAYER: If you would like to join in for Wed night prayer at 7:39pm, click this link at 7:39 on Wed or shortly before to jump in
  3. HOME GROUPS: Stay tune to hear from your home group leader for more information about your group. If you would like to join in a home group, please email our home groups leader Carolyn Whatley at caroly.w@grassroots.church 
  4. BIBLE CAMP: If you’d like to join in our weekday Bible camps, click here at 1:00pm M-F for some dancing and a Bible story. This is geared for kids, but everybody is welcome. 
  5. CARE AND SERVICE: If you are in need of any kind of support, please email admin@grassroots.church

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