GR Faith at Home Resource. Monday, April 20, 2020

GR Faith at Home Resource. Monday, April 20, 2020

Gardening and Faith Parallels from Marcia Weber

I love gardening.  And I love how gardening teaches us many things about life, faith, God.  From planting seeds to harvesting, there are things we can learn and  teach our children.

In northwestern Ontario, we aren’t really digging in the dirt yet, but this is a perfect time of year to plant seeds indoors.  If you have access to seeds, potting soil, trays, pots, egg cartons, you can definitely do this!*  At a later date in June, the seedlings can be transplanted outside.

There are so many lessons we can learn from planting seeds but I’ll only choose a few to share with you today.

Seeds/new plants need 3 important things: 


water, and 


A rich soil acts as a foundation that provides nutrients to help the plant thrive and gives stability to the roots. We also need a secure foundation (Jesus) for us to stand strong. Water provides refreshment and sunlight gives warmth and strength, plants lean into the light. If they don’t have adequate light, they become weak and spindly.  As we trust in Jesus and lean into Him, we’re strengthened and refreshed and grow.

Spring has many examples of new life appearing from what was dormant.  There are times in our lives when we struggle and feel we’re not moving, but God is working in unseen ways and we will eventually “burst forth into bloom.”

*places that have supplies: Superior Seed Producers (Roots to Harvest) order online     
 Vanderwees  (call ahead to order, contactless pickup), Home Depot, Canadian Tire, some grocery stores

Free Audio Resources

Listening to stories of faith and courage can increase a child’s personal belief in God. There are a few resources offering free selections during Covid-19.  I’m sure there are others I’m not aware of but here are some we’ve enjoyed or hope to listen to.


Lamplighter. This one is for a limited time, I’m not sure how long, but you can listen to Sir Malcolm for free right now.  If you go to their homepage, they also offer a free story every Monday.

Ranger Bill!  Not radio theatre, more of an oldie.  Those who are in their late 30s, 40s may have spent Saturday mornings crowded around the radio  listening to these stories.

Adventures in Odyssey is offering a free 28-day trial, no credit card required.








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