Order of Service, June 21, 2020

Order of Service

In this time of uncertainty, with so much financial stress, if you can give extra please do:

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As we learn about the Bible and explore Jesus’s teachings, we hear the word “gospel” a lot. But what does “gospel” actually mean? Well, like the concept of love it can mean different things to different people. For some it is the good news that Jesus died for all of our sins. For others, it can mean the general idea that God loves us, or that one day believers will go to heaven and live with God. The Gospels also refers to the specific books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the New Testament. So… which is it? How are we supposed to settle on an explanation that makes sense for us? The best thing to do is to go back to the original source of the word and see what the people using the word meant.

The biblical words for gospel refer to a message of good news. But not just any news! The word is used most often to refer to important events regarding rulers and their kingdoms. When King David wins a battle, this is good news because it means he is still reigning on his throne. When King Solomon is made king over Israel after David dies, a “good news” announcement is spread throughout the land. In other words, gospel is a royal term reporting good news about the ruler in charge. And while this news has deep personal consequences for the people who hear it, it is no private, religious matter. It isn’t simply advice, either. The bisser that the king’s troops have had a victory and he is still on the throne is important to the people that he rules. The besorah that Solomon has been made the new king is a very public announcement that everyone needs to change their loyalties and listen to a new ruler. Spreading the gospel comes with huge personal implications for everyone living under his rule.

–          What would it be like to have a good, kind king compared to a corrupt, violent king?

–          Who would have been the ones spreading the gospel about King David’s victory or King Solomon taking the throne?

–          What impact would this good news have on people’s lives?


When Jesus appeared on the scene, he went around announcing the good news about God’s Kingdom. Jesus was announcing the promised arrival of Israel’s messiah to become king of Israel and all nations, but the way that he asserted his rule was surprising to the people around him. Instead of using force and might, he preached love, tolerance, grace, and forgiveness. This confused and infuriated some people, who had been waiting for a messiah who would destroy their enemies and rule the land with authority. That is why he was arrested as a traitor who claimed to be the king of Israel… they thought that he couldn’t possibly be who they had been promised. Because God’s love is so strong and powerful, even death could not stop his kingdom from coming. Jesus rose from the dead before leaving for heaven, having trusted his followers to spread the gospel in his name. As the new church began, they spread the euangelion that Jesus had brought God’s kingdom to earth. Living in this kingdom meant following him and building relationships built on forgiveness and peace. Everyone would be treated – and judged – equally before God.

–          How would the gospel be spread differently in those days than today?

–          How has the definition of “good news” changed over the years as the church spread and separated into different groups (denominations)?

–          What impact would this good news have on people’s lives?


The Christian gospel is the announcement that Jesus is the divine king of the world who lived, died, and was raised to be the ruler we so desperately need. And if a new king is in charge, this means that a new way of life is in order. This is why there are four accounts of Jesus’ story told in the Bible, and altogether these are called “The Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.” These books tell the royal news of Jesus’ enthronement, and they also contain his teachings about “life in the kingdom.” They are meant to serve as guides for his followers who today want to live as if the risen Jesus is the real cosmic king. And this gospel that tells the surprising story of God’s self-giving love in Jesus has the power to change people. It is good news that is truly worth sharing!

–          Now that you know more about the meaning behind the word “gospel”, what does it mean to YOU?

–          What can we do to spread the good news?

–          What impact would this good news have on people’s lives?

As you think about the gospel and what it means to you, move into creative response time. This is a time for you to express what is in your heart and on your mind. You can use whatever materials you have at hand to be creative! We invite you to share your work on the Grassroots Facebook page when you are ready.

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