Thank You for Making Holy Week so Meaningful!

April 4, 2024

Picture of scenes from the various Holy Week services at Grassroots Church

Thanks to everyone who helped make Holy Week so special for our community this year! From Rich Clark for making the chicken-wired cross to Bill Ulrich for such a powerful scripture reading on Good Friday to the musicians for putting together an intentional selection of worship songs, the Roots & Shoots teachers and kiddos for organizing such a glorious rendition of “The Easter Song” (Keith Green couldn’t hold a candle to you guys!), and all the other many hands behind the scenes that allowed for these times together to have such meaning. Oh, and if you didn’t play a specific role as a volunteer but you showed up, then thank you, too! Doing so helped create a really impactful experience, drawing our attention together as a church family to the cross and the empty tomb.

As I mentioned on Sunday, Holy Week, and specifically Resurrection Sunday is pretty much the Super Bowl of our faith. It all comes down to this monumental event each year and so it behooves us to properly turn our attention to this, recognizing the preeminence of the cross as a community. So thank you for taking the time to help out with this, in whatever capacity you played!

And if you weren’t able to make it to the services, no fret! I do encourage you to check these services out on our website or the Holy Week series on our YouTube channel

Thanks again, everyone! 

Grace and Peace,


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