About Us

Grassroots Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We aim to be simple, authentic and relevant in all we do in response to the message of Jesus.

Want to know more about us?


To really understand the heart of this community, you need to understand how we got here. This is our story.

We Believe

Our community’s faith is shaped by our convictions of who Jesus is and what he has done. This is what we believe.


Sundays at Grassroots is one part of how we do community. Music. Message. Fellowship. This is what our Sundays look like.

Our Playcard

Our community is directed by our vision and our values. This is captured in our Playcard.


Are you interested in connecting with us? We’ve got virtually every angle covered 😉 This is how to connect with us.

Our Library

Our community loves to read. Our library has over 250 books to choose from.