Meet our Pastor


Meet Pastor Keith

Pastor Keith joined Grassroots in 2016. He came to us right off of his experience as a doctoral student of N.T. Wright at St Andrews in Scotland.  Keith is a scholar, but he is also gifted as a leader and teacher. 

Keith likes to bring us into the ancient world of Jesus, exploring Jesus’s mindset and his vision for life, and showing us what inspired the earliest Christians to give their lives for God’s Kingdom. But he also likes to connect the scriptures with spiritual formation and contemplative prayer and teaches us how humans grow—or decline—in faith, hope, and love.  You’ll find him in his study reading and, other times leading Grassrooters in spiritual direction or in mentoring sessions. He doesn’t hold back on Sunday mornings, believing that every person in the room can understand complex ideas and deep thoughts.  But he also tells stories and offers us practical advice about how to live a life of faith, advice which teenagers and adults of all backgrounds like and find helpful.

As our pastor, Keith listens to us, helps us to hear God’s calling for Grassroots, challenges our thoughts, holds our vision in front of us, orchestrates our ministry team and guides our staff. Before his PhD work, Keith studied world religions, traveled hard, and served as Director of Global Community Development at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. His work there with international students and multicultural community relates well with our desire to be a diverse church who can contribute to the healing of our global community here in Northern Ontario.

When he is home with his wife Eve and his three kids, he loves to garden, camp, hike, sit in a hammock, stare into a campfire, listen to good classical music, and cook—tho he’s still trying to find his knack for that 😉

You can get to know Pastor Keith by hearing him speak on Sundays, joining one of the ministry teams, signing up for one of his discipleship groups, or booking a 1-on-1 session with him—for lunch or coffee  (