Pastor Keith joined Grassroots in 2016. He came to us right off of his experience as a doctoral student of N.T. Wright at St Andrews in Scotland.  Keith is a scholar, but he is also gifted as a leader and teacher. 

Keith likes to bring us into the ancient world of Jesus, exploring Jesus’s mindset and his vision for life, and showing us what inspired the earliest Christians to give their lives for God’s Kingdom. But he also likes to connect the scriptures with spiritual formation and contemplative prayer and teaches us how humans grow—or decline—in faith, hope, and love.  You’ll find him in his study reading and, other times leading Grassrooters in spiritual direction or in mentoring sessions. He doesn’t hold back on Sunday mornings, believing that every person in the room can understand complex ideas and deep thoughts.  But he also tells stories and offers us practical advice about how to live a life of faith, advice which teenagers and adults of all backgrounds like and find helpful.

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Sound tech

Abel Brown
Co-Director of Sunday Mornings

Abel Brown serves as our Co-Director of Sunday Mornings and runs our technical operations; overseeing our stage, sound system, music result, as well as our microphone set-up for speakers. He also is responsible for overseeing and implementing musical lyrics in a thoughtful form, and pastoral messages into our presentation system as well as monitoring the technical side of our service during Sunday mornings.


Throughout the remainder of the week Abel also works in tandem with our janitor and hospitality staff to keep the church tidy and assists the band during Wednesday night practices in creating their ministerially music. 


Abel enjoys photography, film, music, cinematography, making videos, screenplay writing, and getting to know God and is often found thinking of a new story to tell.

Jacob Zavitz
Co-Director of Sunday Mornings

Jacob works for Grassroots Church as a Co-Director of Sunday mornings. He is one of the staff members who arrives early Sunday morning to open the building and prepare its spaces for use during the service and Sunday school. Jacob also checks in with the various Sunday morning volunteers, and assists where help is needed. He is hardworking, positive minded, and likes to engage in games and activities with the church’s children and youth. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys mountain biking and exploring in God’s beautiful creation around Northwestern Ontario!

Amy Baker
Roots and Shoots Director (Children's Ministry):

When Amy was growing up she had an impression that God was the principal and Jesus was the vice-principal, and you really only met either of them if you were in trouble. She always tried to do everything she could to be a good person and follow instructions and be a nice Christian girl. And yet  it never really ‘fit’. As she aged and grew into herself, she began to realize that the pseudo-faith that she had been trying to force herself to wear was never going to work for her. She craved authenticity, genuine love, and freedom to be her imperfect self while resting in the knowledge that she was loved unconditionally by her true Father. As the children’s minister at Grassroots Church, Amy pours herself into nurturing an environment where the kids can explore the Bible and really get to know Jesus intimately. Our children are not just the next generation of the church waiting in the wings to join our congregation when they are old enough. They are a lively, inspiring, cherished part of our community and we are to embrace them as they are every day! When she is not elbows deep in children’s ministry materials, Amy is usually elbow deep in family life, a good book, or a sewing project.

Isaac Veurink
Youth Group Director

Isaac serves as our Youth Group Director. He runs our Monday Night GYG, oversees our volunteer leaders, plans our outings and youth service opportunities, and keeps our kids fit in mind and spirit. Isaac enjoys connecting with young people and encouraging them to walk in step with Jesus. His name means laughter and it runs true in his life as jokes and fun are a common occurrence. Isaac is married to Ashley who is also involved in the youth ministry at Grassroots. They are both passionate about exploring the outdoors and can regularly be found canoeing on waterways surrounding the city!


This position is currently empty and we are looking to fill it. Interested? Contact us to find out more!

Paul Henry

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