Getting Involved


Getting involved with Grassroots is fairly straightforward.

Being fully engaged here means participating in three things. 1. Regularly attending worship on Sunday mornings, and then volunteering, where possible, in some servant roles (such as a greeter, or hospitality worker, or a Roots and Shoots Children’s Ministry assistant). 2. Getting involved in a Home Group. 3. And coming once a month to a family-friendly local service opportunity. This is how we define being fully engaged.

Some people can not commit to these three things, and that is okay. Nobody will think less of you for it.  But others may want even more. There are extras for those who want more, such as intensive discipleship tracks, social gatherings, and worship opportunities.

If you can stick with the core three, we promise that it will help you live a life more full of hope and faith and meaning than you ever thought possible. And if you have room for some of the many extra opportunities, even better.

Keep reading below to learn more about getting involved, ranging from the core three, to becoming a leader by joining a Ministry Team, to working on the Board of Trustees, and even to working as an intern, in-residence pastor, or staff member. Find out more by reading on below.

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Home Groups

At Grassroots, we believe that faith has its best chance to grow strong and consistent when immersed in small webs of faith community, in connection with God’s creation, in rhythms of prayer and contemplation, and in consistent reading of the scriptures and the great Christian spiritual masters.

Our home groups are designed to bring people of all walks of life together into ongoing spiritual conversations with other people of faith, centered on reading scripture and the spiritual masters.  These groups work best when they surround lonely and abandoned people with authentic—albeit sometimes messy—faith community. We also include our teens and young ones as much as possible in these groups.

Generally, groups meet every two weeks, share meals, read together, pray together, and care for one another where possible. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in these groups.

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Sunday Morning Gatherings

Since we believe that faith has its best chance of growing strong in community, we gather as a large group as well, joining in prayer, worship, learning the scriptures, and being challenged to grow in our faith at home. We have spaces designed for healing, preaching, and embracing God, for all ages, as God touches and heals us.

Sabbath and Service

We long to shelter vulnerable people, we love gathering as a faith community, and we encourage people to get out beyond themselves and anticipate the New Creation now. Sabbath and Service is a way for us to do this together each month. We gather on a designated Saturday morning at church for food, celebration, games, and rest; and in the afternoon we disperse in smaller groups to do designated acts of service and care for those around us. This family-oriented service time is a great way to spread the gospel in a tangible way.

Grassroots School of Ministry, Seminars and Pub Nights

As part of our love of learning, Grassroots plans to establish once again a School of Ministry. The first year of this school will consist in 4-6 weekend seminars. These seminars will include extended pub nights to bring people together in conversation around difficult topics, aimed to help them grow in their discipleship and grow their faith at home.

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Campus Life

Everyone is invited to take part in Grassroots Campus Life, joining staff and interns in daily prayer, connecting with creation by caring for the building and grounds, caring for those in need, eating together (especially on Thursdays), and enjoying the open spaces around church, including  praying in the prayer room or around the prayer trails, and resting and reading in the library and study.

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Grassroots Interns and In-Residence Scholars and Pastors

We are currently building up our base of Grassroots Interns and In-Residence Scholars and Pastors.  If God may be calling you to serve Grassroots for 3 months – 1 year in these short-term ministry roles, we’d love to talk more.

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Grassroots Staff Positions

Finally, Grassroots wants to talk with you more if God may be calling to you full time ministry at Grassroots.  We have various roles requiring church-planting vocations, and we are especially on the look-out for an Executive Pastor.

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