Internships and In-Residence Scholars and Pastors

Staffing call for church planters, pastors and interns

Grassroots Church and its Lead and Teaching Pastor are searching for various people called by God to help establish a viable expression of the local church in Thunder Bay Ontario. We have formed our ministries substantially around the theological vision of N.T. Wright: Anticipating the New Creation and forming the mind of Christ in believers.

Grassroots is a 15-year-old church plant now entering its identity-forming stage. We have 200 people in attendance (including 80 kids and youth). We have an engaged core of young professional volunteers and leaders. And we are at work in a blue-collar town, with a context in need of inspirational expressions of church and Jesus’s selfless love. We have ample access to northwoods wilderness (Quetico National Park, Lake Superior, Canadian Boreal Forest) and are dreaming about restoring faith and hope by connecting people with God’s creation, especially men and women who have suffered from various forms of hostility.

We are looking for adventurous Christian men and women who can serve for a short or extended period of time while helping to establish the ministries of Grassroots. We are looking for interns and in-residence pastors, artists, musicians, scholars

Interns will help establish various ministries of Grassroots and gain first-hand experience working in a local church setting. Staff will lead or co-lead various areas of ministry including worship, students and families, pastoral care, spiritual direction, community development, and small groups. Interns and staff will find themselves equipping a highly invested and diligent volunteer base.

In residence pastors, artists, and scholars will be given space to work on their current projects and will be invited to share their wisdom, art, and stories with the GR community. This could take the form of lessons, workshops, retreats, classes, or sermons. We would design the experience to be mutually beneficial, thinking through appropriate remuneration and designing some restorative settings where pastors in residence could be offered spiritual direction and a personal plan for healing, refreshing, and adventuring.

Those who can serve for a short amount of time (1 month – 1 year) will receive housing and food for a minimal cost. Those who can serve for a potentially longer stretch will need to support themselves for an indefinite amount of time. All will need to be able attend weekly meetings, participate in Sunday services, and lead or co-lead certain GR ministries (starting at 20hrs/week or an amount of time agreed upon). All interns will be mentored and offered regular spiritual direction by our Lead and Teaching Pastor. In-residence pastors will have the option for spiritual direction and mentoring where desired.