Our Care and Service Team at Grassroots helps us stick together and inspire each other in acts of love to our community. In years past, we have organized dozens of meal trains for Grassrooters in need, joined Eco-Superior in their city-wide trash clean up, served together on work days at various not-for-profit organizations, experienced the Kairos Blanket exercise , and organized community gatherings and celebrations with the local Masjid in connection with Right to Refuge, our sister organization through whom we have now sponsored two Syrian families who have now arrived and are settling in their new life in Canada.

Over the course of this last year, the team gathered once per month (12 times) on a Sunday morning to serve a meal at Shelter House. This included a morning team who cooked the meal and a noontime team to serve the meal.  Shelter house serves 100-150 people in need every Sunday.

We also gathered a team once again to walk on through the Coldest Night of the Year to raise money for Grace Place; the youth raised money for Hugo–their compassion child;  hosted a 30 hour famine.

In December, we also hosted a refugee welcome lunch to over 20 new refugees including their children. In June we hosted a 4th Annual Hoopla, gathering GR with the Masjid community to celebrate friendships and welcome new people.

Keep your eye out for announcements about the upcoming Sabbath and Service initiatives or email Care and Service Team Leader at