Life Together – Part 9: Confidence
August 21, 2016

Life Together – Part 9: Confidence

Passage: Acts 26
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*The first few minutes were not recorded due to technical issues.

In the ninth of eleven sermons on community, Keith continues to illustrate how Christian community can either suck the life out of you or provide you with a deep sense of meaning for life.  A community full of truly confident people can add great meaning to your life. While confidence is the sensation that our treasures are safe, that we have nothing to lose in any particular situation, communities are full of people at various stages of confidence. When we listen to the stories of Paul in his later life, we find a man who went from false confidence to insecurity to true confidence, which builds up those around him. During his speech to King Herod Agrippa II, Paul shows us just what kind of confidence is attainable for a person who has put their bodily health and reputation in the hands of God.