Moses III (Faith In God): God And Moses
February 5, 2017

Moses III (Faith In God): God And Moses

Passage: Exodus 33:8-34:10
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In the third of five sermons on the nature of faith and the Exodus Generation, we find Israel hung over, the morning after their great adultery. We explore the slippage of faith into its shadow forms: doubt and certainty. As God transforms his people, he helps us grown in faith, confidence, internal rest, composure, and an under-riding peace. Now that God lives outside their camp, Moses sets up a tent of meeting, where he timidly asks God to be with them on their journey. Moses knows that an under-riding sense of God’s presence and a familiarity with God’s character is what the people need for their journey ahead. The merciful, gracious, slow-to-anger, abounding-in-steadfast-love-God, reveals Himself to Moses and promises to go with this stiff-necked people and give them rest. We learn to pray like Moses expecting something, giving thanks, eradicating cynicism, repenting, and trusting that God is with us.