As an interdenominational church community located in Thundery Bay, ON, Grassroots finds itself captivated by an ancient Jewish calling:

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11.9)

We believe that this job is not yet done. The world is not yet covered in Jesus’s selfless love.

As explorers of a True Way, Grassrooters cover the earth with the selfless love of Jesus.  

Restoring Faith

Grassrooters want to help people from all walks of life find their faith restored in God.

Shaping Bright Disciples

Grassrooters want to shape disciples of Jesus who are both inspirational and learned. We love watching people spread hope and love to those around them, and we want to think deeply through why we believe what we believe. At Grassroots, there is no checking your brain at the door. Hard questions are welcome and those deconstructing or reconstructing their faith are honoured and cared for here.

Sheltering the Vulnerable

Third, Grassrooters want to be the type of people­–both as individuals and as a community–who shelter vulnerable people.

Core Ministries

Home groups, Sunday Mornings, Seminars and Pub Nights, Sabbath and Service.

Future Dreams

Sunday night scripture readings, retreats in the Boreal forest, homesteading and healing, trauma recovery groups, drunk tanks, adoption support groups, safe-streets initiatives.

Centre for Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care: retreats, spiritual direction, care groups, prayer rooms.

School of Ministry: a two year course on mastering the way of selfless love.

Daily Meetings and Open Hours

9:30 prayer, care for the sick, groundskeeping, prayer room and prayer trails, library, Thursday lunches. Everyone is welcome from 10am-3pm M-Th.