Beliefs & Vision

Our Beliefs

God is real,

the Bible is true,

humanity has failed,

the world is suffering,

Jesus is the remedy,

the Holy Spirit gives new life to everyone who is willing to be remade by Him, in the here and now, and forever.

We believe the Church, in its various expressions, exists to embody, celebrate, and promote this redemptive message, through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.


Our Vision & Pillars

Grassroots wants to cover the earth with the selfless love of Jesus.

Our 3 Pillars

  1. Shape bright disciples
  2. Restore faith
  3. Shelter the vulnerable

Our former pastor Keith Jagger has provided some helpful reflections that seek to articulate what this vision/mission looks like for our community. As you consider becoming a part of this community, we invite you to take a read by clicking here:

Jesus Collective

In the Spring of 2023, Grassroots Church joined the Jesus Collective. This network of churches holds to a particular set of values and convictions pertaining to . See Jesus Collective section below for more information on what this looks like.

Jesus Collective

The Jesus Collective is a network of churches who sense that the Church stands in a new moment in history, one in “which focuses Jesus as the centre revelation of who God is, as the inspiration for how we live and lead, and as the giver of the Spirit who guides and empowers us.”  As members of the Jesus Collective, Grassroots joins in amplifying this movement, participating in a more hopeful Jesus-centered Christianity.

5 Markers of a New Reformation

The Jesus Collective has constructed 5  pillars that attempt to name some of the core shifts, or rediscoveries, it believe are vital to the renewal of the church’s vision and mission. Grassroots Church aligns with these 5 statements:


  1. God always looks like Jesus, and all scripture is properly read through him.
  2. To be saved includes belonging to a community under Jesus called to live the life of the future now.
  3. Evil is overcome through the power of suffering love.
  4. The Holy Spirit empowers us to partner with God’s work of reconciling all things
  5. The church is defined by our shared center, not by the lines we draw.