Sunday, Nov 29th

Sundays at Grassroots

In August 2020, Grassroots Church adopted a home group model for church meetings to help sustain relationships and promote meeting in smaller groups during the pandemic. Throughout the 2021 summer we are meeting every other week in home groups. The alternating Sundays we are meeting outdoors at Grassroots Church for in person worship services.
This summer Living Waters is the theme being explored through Home Groups and Large Group Worship Services. Click Here for a short video on the theme this summer. 
Summer Sunday Worship Service Details
Location: Grassroots Church parking lot
Time: 10AM
Important info: Please bring your own lawn chair. Grassroots has some extra chairs for those unable to bring their own
July 4 – Large Group Worship Service 
July 11 – Home Groups
July 18 – Large Group Worship Service
July 25 – Home Groups
August 1- Large Group Worship Service
August 8 – Home Groups
August 15 – Large Group Worship Service
August 22 – Home Groups
August 29 – Large Group Worship Service

If you want to be connected with a home group, please email and we will do our best to find a good fit for you!

We hope you will join us this summer! 


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Recent Videos

Home Church Pods

For the remainder of the Sundays, we will be practicing the early-church way of gathering, in smaller groups, some in homes, others in the church building on Sunday mornings, over zoom when necessary. Pastor Keith will be recording a short introduction to each group, and after a few worship songs led live in each group, the group leader will dismiss the children to children’s ministry and guide the adults in a formative reading of scripture.

Please email if you are interested in joining a small group. 

Weekly Discover Grassroots Services

For those who are new or are not ready for this kind of group, we will be running a weekly Discover Grassroots session at 11am with a few worship songs, and a cycle of mini-sermons by Pastor Keith on the vision and mission of Grassroots, why we are doing church this way, and how to get involved. 

For the Summer of 2020 .through the end of September, we are experimenting with a hybrid church model. We have a few traditional services planned. But most weeks, we are gathering in a way that feels more like the earliest churches described in Acts and 1 Corinthians 14. When you come you will be assigned a smaller group of people with whom you with sing some worship songs, read a scripture passage, and share your thoughts with one another. Newcomers will meet in Pastor Keith’s group as he orients you to this way of doing church. 

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Sunday Morning Service starts @ 10:30am.

Kids (0-3) stay with their parents for the music, and parents can take their children to Nursery and Preschool (0-3) when dismissed at 10:55am. The worship leader will help direct you.

Kids JK-Grade 6 stay with their parents for the music and are dismissed @10:55am for Roots and Shoots with teachers who guide them back to their spaces of worship. The worship leader will help direct you.

The Message starts @ 11:00am.

The Why

Each week we gather together to devote ourselves to the teaching of the scriptures and for prayer. Week in and out we remember what is so easy to forget: that God is with us, Jesus is Lord, and God has called his people to join him in changing the world. We hope that while you are here you encounter the presence of the living God and you leave encouraged to follow Jesus stronger, live your life more passionately, and grow in faith, hope, love.

A normal service begins with a couple of songs, then a time of offering to support ministry at Grassroots, a couple more songs, a message from the scriptures, a time of communion, and a final song.

Every Sunday morning during the fourth worship song, children are guided to their own spaces to join in the Roots & Shoots program. Our leaders and assistants provide age-appropriate activities designed to help the kids focus on Jesus and get to know Him through study, prayer, and reflection. For Kindergarten, Gr 1-3, and Gr 4-6 students we offer this structured environment with stimulating lessons that encourage questions and spiritual growth. The children are encouraged to reflect, listen to what God wants to say to them, and experience God’s grace on a personal and community level.

The nursery and pre-school rooms offer a safe, welcoming space for children ages 0 – 3 years old. Each space is full of toys and books meant to engage the children.

Everybody is welcome to take part in communion.

After a couple more songs, the service ends, and all are invited, if you wish, to linger and chat.

And that’s it, really. Come back next week for more!