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Steven Bill

Lead & Teaching Pastor

Steven has lived a good chunk of his life in Thunder Bay with the other chunks in the Arctic, Alberta, the Bahamas and a very small chunk in Bolivia. The Bill family has been a part of the Grassroots community since 2011. In the summer of 2023, Steve left a career in public health communications to become the pastor of Grassroots Church, believing it to be more aligned with his passions and giftings. Steve has a degree in Christian Studies & Theology, a Masters in Communications and an eclectic denominational upbringing (Catholic, CRC, Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, Brethren annnnd Evangelical Free!).
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His hobbies outside of churchy stuff include squash (he’s mediocre), mountain biking (nothing to write home about), running (slowly and very sporadically) and spending time with his family (they’re pretty good). One thing Steve doesn’t like, though, is the sound that your teeth makes when it rubs against the skin of an apple while taking a bite. It literally drives him crazy. He also believes the rampant and flippant misuse of the term “literally” in our world today is a travesty.

Sherilyn Lucyk


Originally from Southern Manitoba, Sherilyn moved to Thunder Bay 17 years ago. She fell in love with the beauty of Thunder Bay and has deep roots in the community. Her spiritual journey encompasses diverse faith communities, including an evangelical Mennonite upbringing, involvement with Grassroots Church and participation at the Urban Abbey. Sherilyn is passionate about fostering community, supporting the vulnerable, and spreading joy. She loves hosting gatherings and organizing meaningful events, always ensuring that food plays a central role. Her enormous cooler bag can literally (yes, Steve, we see you) feed a whole football team at any given moment! 

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Sherilyn and her family are “wanna be” homesteaders, raising chickens and cultivating gardens. They enjoy homeschooling their two daughters and embarking on nature adventures, biking, swimming, and camping with friends.

Paul Henri


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Kris Tuuttila

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Dayna Muggeridge