Home Groups

Life happens in home groups.

Home Groups are a vital part of the life of Grassroots Church community. We believe this is where real connections are fostered and discipleship best takes place.


“A2BCDs” of Home Groups

Our framework for what we hope to provide in our Home Groups ministry is adapted from Northpoint Community Church’s ABCs of Small Groups. Grassroots has added just a smidge to their model, calling it the A2BCDs of Home Groups:

  • A – Accountability. Home groups are a space for us to hold each other accountable, with love and grace, in following in the way of Jesus.
  • A – Authenticity. Accountability can only happen in a context of trust with one another, beginning with being real.
  • B – Belonging. Being a part of a home group pushes against a world that elevates the mantra of “Going it alone!” By committing to a group, you’re committing to being part of something and when you’re not there, you’re missed.
  • C – Caring. We strive for Home Groups to move toward one another in lending a hand with all aspects of life. We want to be intentional in caring for each other and the world.
  • D – Discipleship. Home Groups provide a fertile environment for growing in the Jesus way.


Home Groups for Winter/Spring 2024

Home Groups will run into Spring 2024 (and possibly summer if groups so desire!). These groups meet at various times and at various frequencies each month and focus on different groups and topics:

  • Peace/Ng – every 2nd Thursday @ 7pm. Formation in Common; with a once monthly family potluck on Sundays
  • Bravinders – every 2nd Tuesday @ 7pm. Formation in Common; with a once monthly family potluck after church on Sundays
  • Bills – Every 2nd Thursday @ 7:30pm with sporadic potluck dinners
  • Women’s Group – Every 2nd Thursday @ 10am; Meeting at the Habit
  • Men’s Group – On hold temporarily.

Several home groups utilize the weekly “Home Group Reading”/Reflection that accompanies each week’s message. You can download these resources on the Teaching page at the bottom in the Videos section.

If you are a regular attender of Grassroots Church, we strongly encourage connecting with a group and making a commitment to belong. If you would like to sign up, please shoot an email to Sherilyn.L@grassroots.church with your request!