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Sundays 10am @ 1250 Balmoral St (Lac Des Mille Lacs Seventh Fire Jr. High).
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So… church, eh? 😬

We get it. Walking into a spiritual space with a bunch of strangers can be overwhelming and super awkward. You’re likely wondering if we’re weird and if your kids will be safe and probably a million other anxiety-inducing questions. That is totally fair. 

First off, Grassroots isn’t weird 🤪 and we absolutely prioritize your kids’ safety, ensuring all volunteers are vetted and have vulnerable sector checks. We invite you to keep exploring and/or connect with our pastor.

Spiritual nomad?

If you feel like a spiritual nomad and that you just don’t fit in with the larger church landscape of Thunder Bay, and yet aren’t ready to give up on Christian community and want to be a part of reimagining what church could look like in our current moment – welcome. This space is for you.

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Grassroots exist to:

  • Shape bright disciples
  • Restore faith
  • Shelter the vulnerable

Find your place in the Grassroots community!

Our Vision & Beliefs

Jesus shapes our theology, how we understand scripture and what love looks like.


Our weekly messages are typically 30-40 minutes and are available to listen and watch everywhere.

Children & Youth Ministry

We offer Nursery, a Sunday School program (Roots & Shoots) and a weekly Youth Group

Home Groups

Home Groups help form meaningful connections, provide discipleship and a means of caring for each other.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

Pastor's Blog and News and Such

From Head to Heart: What’s Needed to be Known

From Head to Heart: What’s Needed to be Known

If you missed this past Sunday’s message, I closed off the series on Revealing the Jesus of the Centre by considering the means in which we take all of these great, beautiful, inspiring truths we’ve been learning about who Jesus is and have them move from a bunch of facts we hold in our heads toward something that we hold in our hearts that changes us, transforms us, does something to us toward inhabiting these same traits of Jesus ourselves.

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