Beauty and Inspiration in the Jesus Family

March 4, 2024


I mentioned a few weeks back that I’ve been doing a Jesus Collective online course called the Online Learning Collective. The theme of the course is “How to Lead and Disciple in a Polarized World” and each week we have been taking a different angle on discerning how to effectively navigate the polarizations of our day through what Jesus Collective calls a 3rd Way approach. So topics like our faith, society, racism, politics, and, this last week has been about family. I’m sure if your family is anything like mine, there’s no shortage of polarizing topics to be had!

I provide all that context because one of the messages we’ve been focusing within this topic of family is a redefinition of who our family is. That, in Christ, our family moves beyond just the borders of our biological connections and is entirely redefined. There are all sorts of beautiful implications for this perspective, not least of which is showing us a new way to get along in the midst of polarizing ideas. It’s something I’ve been praying for our community to increasingly move toward in how we view each other in relationship to one another. 

We’ll continue to move toward realizing all of the ins and outs of what a new family in Jesus looks like together, and in line with that, I’m including a 14 minute video that was a part of the learning materials from the OLC this week. Bishop William Willimon (cool name, I know) shares some practical examples of stories of what a family in Jesus looks like and does for one another. And trust me, you’ll be inspired. And if you have the emotional frailty like me, you’ll even get teary-eyed…. which is okay too! Either way, I’m imploring you to take a few minutes and watch this video this week because it captures so well what I hope and pray Grassroots continues to mature into. 

By the way, after watching the video, you may be inspired to step up in practical ways, which is awesome. Fortunately, we have a Love Fund that is currently depleted and needs replenishing in order to help folks in our own community who find themselves in a bind. I encourage you to prayerfully offer support if you can by making a donation on our website and stipulating in the comment section that it’s for the Love Fund. 

Thanks Grassroots! Grace and Peace!


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